Clinical Experience with Rare Nosodes [ reprinted]

by Ghosh

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Ghosh shares his clinical experience with rare nosodes, such as Insulin, Thyroidinum, and Lac vaccinum defloratum

AUTHOR'S PREFACE I have great pleasure in presenting before the profession some uncommon nosodes which have proved very useful to me, on many occasions, when indicated remedies failed to produce desired effect. I have been working with these remedies for more than twenty years and have them clinically verified over and over again. Now, I place before the Homoeopathic profession my experience about these remedies with full confidence that they would also meet with success in their private practice if the directions laid down in this booklet are followed with care and precision. Insulin was the first nosode which attracted my notice in adynamia with suppurative condition, and liver troubles. Next, I worked with Thyroidinum and Lac vaccinum defloratum in my private cases as well as in hospitals. Pituitarin was the last of the four nosodes taken up by me. At present, I have been working with Testicular hormone, the findings of which are not yet complete for publication. I would request my readers to go through the descriptive portion of drug with cases carefully and try to get into sprit of the drugs, which is very difficult to express but easily felt if properly approached and applied. I hope the book will be of great help in the treatment of very many complex and one-sided cases and inspire conviction in the truth of Homoeopathy in the hearts of physicians and infuse confidence in the minds of patients undergoing this superb system of healing art—the priceless contribution of our Master Hahneman to the cause of suffering humanity.