Aids & Homeopathy

by Kundu

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CONTENTS: 01. The Hahnemannian Theory of the Miasms 02. Conditions for Accepting the Doctrine of Miasms 03. Psora Miasm 04. Sycosis Miasm 05. Syphilis as the third Hahnemannian Miasm 06. The Miasma and Eugenic 07. The Doctrine of Miasms 08. Technique of applying the Hahnemannian Miasmatic Doctrine 09. Dynamization 10. Aids and syphilis 11. Aids 12. The Rise and fall of the HIV 13. Aids, Syphilis and the Immune system 14. Therapeutics of Aids 15. Appendix-I 16. Appendix-II 17. Bibliography


Aids & Homeopathy