Materia Poetica

by Chatroux, S

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Homeopathy In Verse With a foreword by Nancy Herrick. An esthetically bound collection of 101 original poems about homeopathic remedies. Tastefully illustrated, it makes an ideal gift or a novel learning tool.

The publisher: Materia Poetica, Dr. Sylvia Chatroux’s first book, is homeopathy in verse. Materia Poetica is a collection of 101 original poems on the homeopathic remedies. Many of the verses in the book are illustrated with antique woodcuts of the plants that are the sources of homeopathic remedies. With a combination of humor, imaginationa and careful research, Sylvia has taken a poetic snapshot of each remedy incorporating its indications and effects. Homeopathy is the essence of a “healing art,” and nothing captures the essence of that art more elegantly that Sylvia Chatroux’s unique volume Materia Poetica is available in a small, elegant volume bound in green cloth with gold leaf lettering, and it includes a ribbon bookmark. Poem from book: Hypericum Hypericum, I've given you To those with shooting pains You really have a way with nerves With injuries you're famed Consider it for punctures Where nerves are passing through It may be used for Tetanus Preventing it to brew I find it interesting to note St. John's wort is now the rage For depression it is taken The tincture of our age Depression follows injury This is often true And if the pain shoots up the limb Hypericum's for you!

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