Clinical Observations of Childrens Remedies (Ind)

by Master, Dr F

Quick Overview

An invaluable tool for the treatment of children. Thorough and highly accessible, the book explores seventy-six remedies, which demonstrate Master's wide clinical experience and deep knowledge of children. Included are more recent remedies, such as Lac delphinum, Lac humanum, Lac leoninum and Calcarea muriaticum. The Materia Medica has a personal touch for, as Master explains: "The 'symptoms' in this book are not like a standard Materia Medica based on provings, but they are based purely on my experience, my own clinical observation (or confirmation) derived from twenty-three years of homeopathic practice." Materia Medica of 75 remedies which have been used extensively in the busy Bombay Homeopathic Clinic.


What others have to say about this book... "Our children are our future. Our future starts with providing the best health care for our children. Dr. Farokh Master explains in great detail and clarity the perfect approach to the child, the qualities one needs to possess to be a great homoeopathic pediatrician, while providing an in-depth Materia Medica of remedies geared at the child. An invaluable book for any practitioner who wants to bring a smile to the face of the parents." -Luc De Schepper "With his extraordinary Indian sensibility, Farokh Master gives us a new approach to pediatric practice in this book; how to take the case, what is important to observe in children, Materia Medica of small, useful remedies... I have no doubt about the success of this masterpiece of homoeopathic literature!" -Didier Grandgeorger "I have enjoyed reading this detailed and lively book and I have learnt a lot. I think that it will help us all so much, because it is practical, closely researched and observed, instructive, and down to earth. It certainly is the most comprehensive that I have seen so far in the field of homoeopathic child care. Congratulations!" -Misha Norland