Vaccine Damaged Children - Treatment, Prevention, Reasons

by Golden, I

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A thorough examination of the damages caused by vaccination on children. Homeopathic treatment is discussed in detail, with the support of short-term and long-term cases. The publisher: This book examines what is possibly the most unrecognised public health problem in our community; the long-term impact of vaccination on the general health of children and adults. The book provides data which proves that vaccines cause damage, and shows the findings of Isaac's new 'reverse' research quantifying the symptoms caused by specific vaccines. The homoeopathic treatment of vaccine damage is described in detail, including cases of both long and short term treatment. This is a book for practitioners of all modalities, but especially for homoeopaths. It is also a book for parents, and an Appendix introducing homoeopathic method is provided.


Vaccine Damaged Children - Treatment, Prevention, Reasons