Materia Medica Pura (2 volumes)

by Hahnemann, Dr C.S.

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Hahnemanns first Materia Medica and the basis for all other Materia Medicas. Symptoms of 67 remedies from provings and poisonings. The publisher: The second edition (in six volumes) was published between 1822-1827. The third edition (in two volumes) was published between 1830-1833. Of the 53 remedies, 15 were found to be of an antipsoric nature and were included, in expanded form, in The Chronic Diseases. The first English translation was done by Charles Hempel, and published by William Radde in 1846. R.E. Dudgeon did a translation that was published by the Hahnemann Publishing House(London) in 1880. This commentary is reprinted from The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature


Materia Medica Pura (2 volumes)