Bach Flower Therapy for Homeopathic Profession [2nd ed]

by Boedler Cornelia

Quick Overview

A concise guide to healthy management of hypertensive disorders with essential tips on conservative management as well as proposition of remedies most commonly indicated in hypertension. The author has beautifully explained how Bach Flower Therapy can be used with Homoeopathy


.The publisher:

Bach Remedies are being applied to the fields of homeopathy, psychology, psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine.

This book 'Applying Bach Flower Therapy to the Healing Profession of Homoeopathy' is written in such a way as to appeal to all minds that are in search of a deeper understanding of the healing remedies and of healing dynamics in general. It guides layperson and professional alike from the beginnings of homeopathy and Bach Flower Therapy to the exact therapeutic use of the Bach remedies in the disease and mental disturbances.

Dr. Cornelia Richardson-Boedler has beautifully explained and illustrated with cases how Bach Remedies were found to highten receptivity of the vital force to the healing effect of homeopathic medicines.