Children - Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertorial Symptoms

by Petrucci Roberto

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Roberto Petrucci's book on children comprises a 1096-page Materia Medica covering a total of 543 remedies together with a 162-page repertory. The Materia Medica contains remedy pictures, each with a conceptually arranged set of rubrics that are useful in treating children. The separate section on repertory rubrics are also thematically arranged under headings such as development, dentition, nursing, school, attitude towards animals, physical symptoms, pathologies, and so on.


Roberto is introducing concepts and spares no effort in guiding us to use all of that information at the appropriate time. That is a great achievement! The aspect of this work that pleases me so much is that it combines Materia Medica information with information structured like a repertory. With these characteristics, this book will find a much deserved place next to many other valuable books on pediatrics. It brings us information about many remedies rather than a lot of information about only a few remedies we may already know. Frederik Schroyens, Belgium Dr Roberto Petrucci's book fills a void in homeopathic practice, namely a work that details the application of our remedies in children. It is a well thought out book and comes out of experience and vision. He has incorporated many new remedies and ideas into the book and makes it very practical in its application. The repertory adds to the utility of the book. I found the work very interesting, practical and I am sure it will find its rightful place in Homeopathic practice. Rajan Sankaran, India What impresses me the most is the various headings in which the repertory (children concepts) is written purely from the practical point of view. There are many rubrics and remedies, which I myself was ignorant of and this really helped me to sharpen my skills. I believe the creation of this repertory of children concepts is both inevitable and indispensable if the homoeopathic community truly wishes to take homoeopathy into the next level of scientific maturity. The potential benefit of processing this book is so wide that I can't wait to see it come about. Farokh Master, India This work is innovative, solid and well organized. The book integrates modern concepts and themes with traditional information and does so in a clear and usable manner. The arena of paediatric homeopathy has been a source of problems for generations. Rather than simply shrug shoulders at the difficulties, Dr. Petrucci has collected all known data to supply a basis for prescription. It is a book written by a clinician who knows the needs of clinicians. Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick, USA