Homeopathy for Horses

by Couzens, T.

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"The most comprehensive Equine (Homeopathic) Reference" British Dressage Encyclopaedic, modern and jargon-free, this guide to treating horses & ponies is written by an experienced homeopathic vet. It is laid out according to all the systems (blood, digestion etc). It covers constitutional remedies & types and the senses. There are chapters on the foal, infectious disesases, Behavioural problems and poisoning, as well as First aid & Emergency care. Plus a full equine Materia Medica.Invaluable guide for veterinary practitioners, equine therapists and horse owners. Principle equine indications: - Ovarian dysfunction - Cystic ovaries - Irregular cycles - Uterine prolapse - Pyometria - Poor libido in the mare


2nd Edition FROM THE Materia Medica SECTION PALLADIUM Common name: Palladium the metal Classification: Mineral Preparation: By trituration Keynotes: Acts on the female reproductive system especially the ovaries Inflammation of the ovaries Pain and swelling of the right ovary Uterine prolapse Pelvic peritonitis Irregular oestrus cycles Cystic ovaries Easily upset or offended Inclined to kick out or bite Modalities Worse/Aggravated by Local pressure over the ovary Ameliorated by Rest, sleep Remedy interactions: Works well with: Platina Consider also: Iridium Osmium Platina (Close allies) Apis Graphites Podophyllum Platina (Right ovarian remedies) Argentum metallicum Lachesis Lilium tigrinum Actea rac Sulphur (Left ovarian remedies)