Homeopathic remedies are prepared by first grinding the substance in milk sugar to a very fine powder.  A tiny amount of this powder is then dissolved in a liquid (water or alcohol depending on the substance) in a vial.  This small vial of liquid is then thumped quite firmly against the palm of your hand several times.  A tiny quantity of this is again diluted in another vial of liquid and once more thumped (we call it ‘succussion’) against the palm of your hand.  This process is repeated a number of times until your remedy has reached the desired level of potency – each dilution and succussion makes the remedy more potent.

Surprisingly, this process of dilution and succussion can be repeated hundreds, or even thousands, of times so that even though there is none of the original substance remaining, the remedy becomes more potent.

The science behind the efficacy of this process is as yet undiscovered, but anyone who has taken an appropriate homeopathic remedy for a specific ailment will attest that the medicine is most effective – even if they were firmly convinced that it wouldn’t work.