In the mid 1900’s homeopathy in New Zealand was in decline.  Many of the older practitioners had died, and people who used homeopathy were, for the most part, using remedies suggested by the two or three homeopathic pharmacies operating in New Zealand.

Alfred George Grove, known as ‘Alf Grove’, was born on 21 January, 1898.  He left school at age 12 to work as a carpenter.  Having grown up with a homeopathic kit in the family, he maintained an interest in homeopathy through his early life.  During the 1930’s Grove met Dr Dundas McKenzie, a graduate of the University of Missouri, and his interest in homeopathy was renewed.  When Dr McKenzie died in the early 1940s his books and medicines were passed on to Grove, who shortly after, set up a homeopathic practice in Auckland with consulting rooms at 193A Symonds Street.

The NZ Homœopathic Society was formed by Mr Grove and a group of his patients and friends on 26 February 1951.  Their meetings were held at consulting rooms at 193A Symonds Street, even after Mr Grove moved to new premises in his home at 14 Rangiatea Road, Epsom.  The objectives of the NZ Homœopathic Society were to promote the use of homeopathy in New Zealand and to ensure information was available to support the homeopathic practitioners and people using homeopathy around the country.  Mr Grove served as the Society’s first president, and presented monthly lectures about homœopathy.  He began to import homeopathic books, instigating the Society’s book selling operation.

In 1973 Grove and his supporters, successfully quashed draft legislation that would have been harmful to homeopathy, and thereby preserved the labelling practices for homeopathic remedies, allowing remedies over a 6x or 3c to be sold without restriction.

Grove died in 1974 but the society continued to flourish after his death, with activities including seminars often attended by close to 600 people.

In 1985 the Society moved to the current location at 320 Mt. Eden Road, Mt. Eden, Auckland.  It was recently completely upgraded and redecorated making it a very desirable venue for seminars and classes.

The building houses:

  • The Grove Memorial Library – a reference collection of homeopathic books, some of which were owned by Mr Grove and other New Zealand homeopaths
  • The Centre room – Where meetings and courses are held, the bookstore and library are located and the room is open to the public on Wednesdays 
  • Lending library - books may be borrowed for four weeks and ordered by email or phone. A small fee and postage is charged for books borrowed and posted throughout NZ