03/03/2020 - 18:30 to 21:00
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NZ Homœopathic Society
Fairview Event Centre, 17A Silverfield Rd, North Shore Auckland

NZ Homœopathic Society Fundraising event

"Magic Pills" movie Auckland's Premiere screening

A documentary movie exploring the myths and the facts surrounding homeopathy brought to you by first-time filmmaker, Ananda More.

Doors Open 6.30 pm

Movie starts 7.00 pm Movie finishes 8.30 pm - Q & A session with panel regarding questions about the movie or homeopathy followed by Spot prizes, Raffles drawn before our:

Guest Speaker Rebecca Stirrup, a long term volunteer with Homeopathy For Health in Africa, is based in Auckland. Rebecca will be holding a question and answer session after the movie to discuss the African component of the movie. Rebecca was in Tanzania at the time of filming.

View Magic Pills Trailer  by Ananda More. 

Filmmaker and homeopath Ananda More becomes the target of a campaign against homeopathy, propelling her to travel the world and explore whether homeopathy is truly science-based and effective or a mere placebo.

When meeting with scientists, sceptics, practitioners and patients, Ananda unravels the high drama and intrigue that envelops homeopathy today. 

Current science postulates that it can’t work because we can’t prove how it works. Similarly, in the past science could observe gravity and electricity before it was explainable. However, homeopathy is not granted the same latitudes or research and instead is the target of attacks, which disregards ever-growing volumes of compelling data.  

In her global travels, Ananda sees how homeopathy is being used to treat cancer in India, support the use of anti-retroviral medication for HIV/AIDS in Africa and prevent common epidemics in Cuba. 

She also visits and interviews scientists at university laboratories, where cutting edge experiments prove once again that maybe science can’t always explain and know-how nature really works.  

However, one thing becomes certain as intrepid professionals expose their work: homeopathy offers deep and gentle support. In contrast to conventional medicine, where focus is primarily on symptom relief and some treatments can have irreversible or life-threatening side effects.

With homeopathy friendly Switzerland as the final stop, Ananda reveals how ultimately, those most affected by policies that support prolonged treatment and subsequent profits are the people themselves, who are now being denied accurate information about their health choices.

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