25/02/2017 -
09:00 to 16:30
Presented by: 
NZ Council of Homeopaths
NZ Homoeopathic Society, 320 Mt Eden Rd Mt Eden, Auckland

This day is for Homeopathic Student interns wishing to register with the NZ Council of Homeopaths

Alternative Pathway - First Intern Registration day

Requirements and Day Program

You will be asked to present a portfolio as per the already existing requirements for registration. (portfolio submission guidelines on NZCH website

Portfolios may be submitted on or after the day, but need completion before full registration can be processed.

Informative and supportive input sessions covering; Advertising Standards, NZCH complaints procedure, boundaries and ethics in practice, mixing modalities, liaising with other practitioners and dealing with challenging clients, will be delivered to you by the NZCH Executive.

You will be invited to complete an assessment.  This is NOT a Materia Medica test nor asking you to work out a case.  You will be presented with various scenarios regarding safe practice and required to answer to the best of your ability how you would manage these.  These will be reviewed qualified assessors and teachers and you will be informed of your results after they have completed the review.  While this is being completed you will participate in a group discussion led by the executives.

If preferred you are still welcome to work towards a 2 case and portfolio submission, as per the existing case submission guidelines you do not need to attend this workshop.  This option is being provided to assist and support interns through the registration process.

Mentoring is an important aspect of this day.  A mentor will be provided for you to support and help you in your first year as a fully registered Homeopath.  Should you be unsuccessful in completing all the requirements for full registration on this day we will also offer you the support of a mentor so this can be obtained in the shortest time possible.

We look forward to meeting and hosting as many of you as possible.

Please bring your own lunch or alternatively there are local cafes to purchase food from in Mt. Eden Village which is about 15 minutes’ walk away.  Tea and coffee will be provided.

To submit your registration for this day, or for more information please email Debbie at

Fee is $280, which includes your first year full RC Hom. membership.