20/10/2018 - 09:00 to 21/10/2018 - 17:00
Presented by: 
Australian Homeopathic Associaton
Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific Hotel, 55 North Steyne, Manly Sydney Australiia


Come, hear and share the latest information from practitioners and researchers regarding:

How the world of homœopathy is facing today's challenges – and how we can all play a part.

The Early Bird Discount price is offered to all NZ practitioners travelling to the event!

The varied line up of interesting local and international speakers will share their experience and valuable ideas about this broad and timely topic. 

Keynote speakers, Dr. Alex Tournier and Rachel Roberts from the Homeopathy Research Institute in the UK will demystify the latest research into homœopathy in a way that is exciting, educative and relevant.

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There is an extensive lineup of speakers and at  various times in the conference 3 will be speaking at the same time in different rooms, so be sure you work out who you want to see and when

Speakers and their topic of presentation topic alphabetically listed:

Anne MacFarlane Tautopathic Prescribing in the Third Millennium

Aurum Project Homœopathic Audit Research Project

David Levy 21st Century Homœopathy Gaps Between Research and Practice

Diana Kopatsy Integrative Medicine – What are the Implications for Homœopathic Practice

Dr Ashok Borkar Management of Endocrine Disorders with Sarcodes

Dr Bhattacharya  Prescribing Specific Potency for Particular Disease in the 21st Century

Dr E. S. Rajendran Homœopathy: a Nanopharmacology and a Personalised Nanomedicine

Dr Joe Rozencwajg Miasms Shmiasms

Dr Trupti Deorukhkar PCOS - Emerging Health Issue of the 21st Century

Gerry Dendrinos  Overview of NHMRC and the State of Homœopathy in Australia

Helene Diezel Australian Homœopathic Practitioners and Practice - The Future of a Profession?

Ilma Hynson and Tamar Boas7 Year Itch – Topical Remedy Trial

Isaac Golden Building the Evidence Base – A Gift From India

Jill Turland Getting Back on Track Using Megapotencies’

Joanne Greenland History Repeating? with Reference to Coulter

Jon Gamble The Challenge of Chronic Disease in the 21st Century (presentation and workshop)

Kerry Schweigert Homœopathy, Psychology and Epigenetics

Kireet Taneja Evolution, Genetics and Homœopathy

Linda Beaver A Retrospective Analysis of 25 Cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Linlee Jordan Get out of my life but first could you drive me and Cheryl to the mall

Michelle Hookham Trauma Informed Homœopathy

Patricia Hatherly Re-evaluation of Basic Miasmatic Theory from a Hormonal Perspective

Penny Barron Pragmatic Homœopathy – Complexity of 21st Century Practice

Peter Tumminello Psyche and Structure (workshop)