The NZ Homœopathic Society is a Charitable Trust and an entirely volunteer run organisation.  The day-to-day running and administration of the Society continues to be supported by donations and the sale of homœopathic books.

If you would like to support our endeavours to promote homeopathy nationwide, please feel free to make a donation. Your contributions are much needed and will be put to good use.


All donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE  and may be made directly via Paypal or online. All donations will receive an invoice for tax purposes so please do include your contact details.

Thank you very much for supporting the New Zealand Homœopathic Society, we do appreciate your help.

Donation Options

If you would like to make a Donation via Paypal there are 3 button options below - you may use any that match or can be combined to match your desired donation amount.

Alternately, if you would like to make a donation for a different amount  or directly to our bank, here are our details: The NZ Homœopathic Society Bank A/c no: ASB 12-3114-0057447-00

Please include your name as a Reference on your deposit and complete the form below with your contact details so a receipt can be sent to you for your Tax claim purposes.

We are very appreciative of your support.

Thank you

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