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Aut: Manna
Aut: Ahmad, Dr. S.
Aut: Kumar
Today homoeopathy has become one of the most popular system of medicine. Still, there are a lot of myths about...
Aut: Agrawal, Dr Y.R.
Aut: Clarke J.H.
Aut: Master, Dr F.
Aut: Ramakrishnan/Coulter
A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer is a clear, concise alternative medicine reference that introduces Dr. Ramakrishnan's...
Aut: Jack. Dr. R.A.F.
A lifetime of experience in NHS practice is offered under the modest title Homeopathy in General Practice. From the...
Aut: Clarke, Dr J.H.
Low price edition. Pocketbook.
Aut: Sivaraman, Dr. P.
This book provides a combination of Materia Medica and Therapeutics: It is set out in alphabetical order of remedies...
Aut: Sivaraman, P
Aut: Jain, Ritu
Aut: Jain, Ritu
Aut: Lennihan Begabati
Aut: Alex, Peter
Detailed introduction to this disease with the therapeutic possibilities and interesting reports of healed cases, in...
Aut: Master Dr.Farokh / Shiuin Gupta
Aut: Dr Shiva Dua
Aut: Kumar, Dr. S.L.
Homeopathic and some general information (allopathy, herbal, physiotherapy, exercise & diet). Mentions osteo- and...
Aut: Master Farokh Jamshed
This book explains the process of homeopathic treatment from the patient's point of view. It provides everything a...
Aut: Jain B.
Bjain’s Guide to Homeopathic Family Kit is being offered to the general public with the honest intention of guiding the...
Aut: Cooper, Robert T
Cooper advocated the use of mother tinctures prepared from fresh plants because he believed that living plants have an...
Aut: Dr Farokh Master
The global medical fraternity has been exploring various alternative approaches to cancer treatment. However, this...
Aut: De Schepper, Luc
Reduced  from $75 to $50
Aut: Perko, Sandra
  A Homeopathic Practice Guidebook for Physicians and Health Care Practitioners A repertory with a...