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Aut: Dhawale, Dr. M.L.
Homeopathic Philosophy and Repertorization - Resvised and Enlarged Editon
Aut: Master Dr.Farokh / Shiuin Gupta
Aut: Ton Jansen
The publisher: "The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health . . ." - Samuel...
Aut: Welte,U
Aut: Golden, Isaac
Aut: Turland Jill R.
The 350-page book defines the results and conclusions of over ten years of clinical research into the homeopathic...
Aut: Tumminello, Peter L
Was $120 now $100 What began as an exploration into the crystal structure of gemstones, has unfurled into a deeper...
Aut: Jeremy Sherr
Including an Introduction to the Noble Gases
Aut: Jakob Martin
A Practical Guide to Homeopathic Prescriptions
Aut: Assilem Melissa
The publisher: This book present fascinating insights into the remedies - Thea (tea) - Coffea (coffee) -...
Aut: Dr Shiva Dua
Aut: Glaisyer, Mary
Let your mother be your guide......'  'Don't fish for symptoms......'  'Only use the symptoms that stand out...
Aut: Kumar, Dr. S.L.
Homeopathic and some general information (allopathy, herbal, physiotherapy, exercise & diet). Mentions osteo- and...
Aut: Master, Dr. Farokh
Aut: Tablet Dion
Clinical Strategies of the Great Homeopath for Modern Practice Line of Action of Remedies Organ Remedies Pathological...
Aut: Massimo Mangialavori
A series of seminar notes that provide an introduction to the working methods of the leading Italian homeopath Massimo...
Aut: Bradley, F. J.
"If improvement is to be brought about in medicine as in other branches of knowledge, we must diverge from the beaten...
Aut: Kate Birch
Glyphosate-Free covers a vast amount of information and looks at an increasingly complex use of homeopathic remedies...
Aut: Deborah Collins
Deborah Collins  long awaited book is based on and refers to  Jan Scholten's famous plant theory. There are...
Aut: DR M K Sahani
Aut: Vermuelen/Johnston
Aut: De Schepper, Luc
Reduced  from $75 to $50
Aut: Van Der Zee/Johannes
Twenty-three leading heathcare professionals contribute to this book to discuss the pros and cons of allopathic...
Aut: Adalian Elizabeth
Touching Base with Trauma - Reaching Across the Generations : A Three-Dimensional Homeopathic Perspective Why do...
Aut: Saxton J.
Modern homeopathic practice, whilst moving into new and exciting areas, is still based on the three great works of...
Aut: Jansen, Ton
A patient’s case can seem like a forest of symptoms. There can be so much information, and we need to process it. We...