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Aut: Kusse Frans
"This outstanding and much-needed book fills a major gap in the homeopathic literature on children. It provides...
Aut: Master, Dr F.
A compilation of 118 remedies, particularly aimed at homeopaths from third world countries.
Aut: Master, Dr F.
Aut: Mathison Vicki
The 65 Most Important Remedies in Words and Pictures
Aut: Bailey, Dr P.
A book which could help bridge the gap between homeopathy and psychiatry. In depth description of thirty-five...
Aut: Julian
Hardback Cover - This dictionary has been undertaken with a different aim and it tries to show the validity of...
Aut: Julian, Dr O.A.
Full clinical coverage of 106 new homoeopathic remedies. A well organised, easy to read book offering a rich collection...
Aut: Master, Dr F.
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Aut: Master, Dr F
The book is about miraculous cures by a new method of healing - homeopathy which has been practised for a century and...
Aut: Boger, Dr C.M.
A compendium of Boenninghausen writings with notes from Boger and Dunham. Includes Materia Medica of 140 remedies and a...
Aut: Clarke J.H.
Aut: Fraser P
The Drug Remedies are a complex group of remedies made up of plants from many families and of synthetic chemicals. The...
Aut: Mangialavori M.
Was $86 now $60 The picture of a remedy group only really becomes clear when we compare it with similar groups....
Aut: Mangialavori M.
Solanaceae: Nightmare between Light and Dark explores the parallels and distinguishing features of this group of...
Aut: Mangialavori M.
Was $40 now $30 Mangialavori describes how Cactaceae can help certain patients to live the last moments of their...
Aut: Le Roux P.
A modern materia medica of children's remedies, exceptionally concise and practical. Patricia Le Roux was a leading...
Aut: Morrison R. & Herrick N.
In todays world of extreme competition and race for survival it's no longer a phsycial game rather it's all about...
Aut: Ruth Raspe
A homeopathic remedy memory aide and different way of studying homeopathy. Using familiar key phrases, the homeopath...
Aut: Vermeulen F
Aut: Lennihan Begabati
Aut: Joshi, Bhawisha- Joshi, Shachindra
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Aut: Nayak C./ Nayak D./ Roja V.
Aut: Yakir Michal
Aut: De Schepper, Luc
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Aut: Tuminello Peter
Was $170, now reduced to $120 A beautiful and very personable book, presenting experiences, information, case notes...