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Aut: Bagot, Dr Jean-Lionel
THIS BOOK IS ON ORDER EXPECTED TO ARRIVE IN 3-4 WEEKS The treatment of cancer has made enormous progress in recent...
Aut: Burnett, Dr J.C.
"What I am here concerned to demonstrate is not how this particular case was cured, but to make manifest that a tumour...
Aut: Burnett, Dr J.C.
Preface: In common with a certain small {number of other practitioners of scien¬tific medicine indifferent parts of...
Aut: Fenton,L
I was in my second year of studying Homoeopathic Medicine when my husband Jonathon was diagnosed with a lymphatic tumor...
Aut: Banerjea Dr Subrata K.
Brain Tumour cured by Homeopathy
Aut: Master, Dr F.
Aut: Ramakrishnan/Coulter
A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer is a clear, concise alternative medicine reference that introduces Dr. Ramakrishnan's...