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Contact the Society by phone, email or call into the Bookroom to visit us.

We Offer

  • A list of Homoeopaths throughout New Zealand who are registered with the NZ Council of Homoeopaths is available to view at: 
  • Bookroom – Books for sale -  with over 650 homoeopathic titles for sale.  If the book you are after is not in stock, contact us, we may be able to order it for you.  
  • Reference library
 - The Reference Library contains many important and irreplaceable books and is housed in the front room of the Homœopathic Society Centre in Mt Eden, where it may be used whenever the Bookroom is open.
  • E newsletter – Our enewsletter is produced quarterly and sent to all members .
  • For more information
:  Email:
    Or phone and leave a message on 09 630 5458   
  • There is also a listing under ‘Homeopaths’ in your Yellow Pages. and alternately you can search for ‘Homeopaths (with the name of the area in which you wish to see your homeopath) online.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have - we will be happy to assist.