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As you all know we are now in level 2.


The bookshop will reopen shortly to the public but we can now process orders and we are doing so regularly..  Please be patient as we are a volunteer organisation and we have to consider the health and well being of our volunteers. 


As many of you know, homoeopathy has a proven track record in epidemics. There is significant data available that demonstrates the efficacy of homoeopathy in epidemics and numerous books and articles available on this subject.  


For those of you wanting information about homoeopathy,  and how to use remedies, The Society urges you to consult a professional homoeopath. Homeopaths across the world are well organised, sharing information and collating data. Many homoeopaths across New Zealand continue to practise via telephone, Skype, Zoom and other internet forms. Homoeopaths are well stocked with remedies. The Postal services have not closed so homoeopaths will be able to continue mailing out or couriering remedies. 


Homoeopathic pharmacies are now designated essential services.  Similimum is now open. 0800 276 422.   


A list of homoeopaths can be found on the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths website 


or email/ phone us for a practitioner in your area and for further information about homoeopathy


 Follow all the guidelines issued by the NZ government  and MOH regarding Covid-19.


The New Zealand Homœopathic Society was formed by Alfred George Grove, a lay practitioner, and a group of his patients and friends on 26 February 1952.  The objectives of the Society were then, as they are today, to promote and support the use of homœopathy in New Zealand and to ensure information is readily available for anyone interested in learning more about Homeopathy.  Alfred Grove was the Society’s first president.  He and the members of that time presented monthly lectures about homœopathy.  Some of his dedicated supporters travelled around NZ and held meetings in town halls that were frequently filled with enthusiastic locals.  Mr Grove began to import homœopathic books, which instigated the Society’s book selling operation.  Sixty-five years on, homœopathy has continued to grow in New Zealand and the New Zealand Homœopathic Society has grown along with it and has continued to develop into a vibrant and cooperative organisation.

The Homœopathic Society is run by a small team of very dedicated volunteers who come together every Wednesday at the Homœopathic Centre in Mt Eden, Auckland.  New volunteers are warmly welcomed.

For more details on the NZ Homœopathic Society’s history go to History

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