Cadmium cures of cancer

Vol. 17 No. 2 July 1997

Dr Grimmer’s paper epitomised by Dr J. H. Clarke

Under the above title Dr Arthur H. Grimmer, of Chicago, contributed an article to the HomÅ“opathic Recorder of September, 1929. In this he remarks that outside homÅ“opathy diet is the only region in which any helpful advance has been made in cancer cure, but diet by itself is insufficient. He considers essential “a diet of fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts,” and only “later on, when improvement has reached a high point, dairy products in moderation may be allowed.”

We have in the Cadmium salts our most valuable unit against the condition now recognised as carcinosis or carcinoma.

The only one of the Cadmium salts which has had a proving is Cadmium sulphuratum, although a few striking observations have been recorded on effects of Cadmium bromatum. One of Cadmium’s greatest triumphs was in an epidemic of yellow fever, when Dr Hardenstein prescribed it with much success in 1878. If Cadmium can cure yellow fever, it ought to be able to cure cancer! My own greatest successes with the remedy have been in duodenal troubles. Says Dr Grimmer:

“The pathogenesis of Cadm. sulph. has all the weakness and all the blood changes that correspond to a late cancer condition; besides practically all the particular conditions from skin ulcers that resist the normal healing tendencies, to breast and uterine tumours, together with the severe stomach ulcerations that readily take on blood changes of a malignant nature. It is in the late cases where symptoms are marked by drastic drugging and by pathology, the end results of disease, that a knowledge of the Cadmium salts is helpful.”

Dr Grimmer thinks that any advanced case of carcinoma will need Cadmium in some form according to the symptoms before cure can be effected. Other remedies are sometimes needed to complete the cure. Cancer of the liver yields to Calc. ars., but a single dose of Cadmium high will make the cure permanent.

1. The first case cited was a liver cancer case in a married woman, 63. Calc. ars. 45 M and later CM cleared up the symptoms, but two years later the old liver symptoms returned, with weakness, extreme coldness, and < from exertion. A single dose completed the cure.

2. The next case was also a liver case in a married woman of 52. She was jaundiced, emaciated; had spots of echymosis covering her limbs; was in constant tremor; heart weak and irregular; could not take the slightest bit of food or drink without soon vomiting it. Small vascular goitre; liver enlarged, nodular; a distinct mass, indurated and tender, palpable in epigastrium. Under Plumb. iod. 10 M and a diet of diluted apple juice, there was steady improvement for a month. Tough stringy vomiting seemed to indicate Kali bich., which was given in 10 M, but there was no improvement, and two days later Cad. phos. 30 was given. Steady improvement set in. On signs of relapse a second dose was given six months later, and a final dose of Cad. phos. 10 M given eight months after this completed the cure.

3. Man, 42, had had previously duodenal ulcers; after a hard game of tennis and a hearty meal had severe epigastric pain followed by vomiting food and blood. Cad. iod. 10 M, diet of liquid fruit and vegetable juices. Two days later severe intestinal haemorrhage set in, not relieved by Hamam. 10 M, or Arn. 10M.Calendula 36 was given, all food stopped and feeding only by rectum. Complete cessation of haemorrhage for twenty one days, and an abdominal mass in hepatic region began to recede. At this time an attempt at nourishment by mouth provoked vomiting and slight haemorrhage. Calendula 50 M completely relieved and enabled a little liquid nourishment to be taken. A fortnight later Cadmium 10 M was given and the patient steadily went on to complete recovery.

4. Man, 58. Liver, notched and nodular, almost filled the abdominal cavity, severe burning pains radiating from it all over abdomen. Patient was a bad colour, had been a heavy drinker and had recently had flu. Calc. ars. 45 M and later CM, gave wonderful relief. Four months from the start Cad. sul. 45 M completed the cure.

5. Married woman, 48. Duodenal trouble, probably malignant, cured with Cad. sul. 50 M, two doses two months apart.

6. Married woman, 44. Intestinal cancer with toxic goitre and marked cardiac disturbance. Calc. iod. 10 M cured.

7. Man. 67. Splenic cancer, with weakness and usual blood findings. Caladium given August 6th, 1927, gave slight relief. Radium chloride 10 M aggravated and patient went to another doctor who advised operation which was refused. November 24th 1928, patient again sought Dr Grimmer’s advice. Cadmium metallicum 10 M made a complete metamorphosis in the condition, and he remains perfectly well.

8. Married woman, 36. Always had pain and swelling of breasts with menses. Lump in right breast removed a year before and pronounced cancer. Pale, emaciated, weak and cachetic. Left breast now indurated and sore with retracted nipple. Cad. met. 10 M given at intervals. The breast is now well and the patient much improved.

9. A pugnacious man in late seventies. Severe protracted intestinal haemorrhage. Patient bled white, very weak and feeble though naturally powerful and vigorous. Three doses of Cadm. met., the first in 30 and the other two in 10 M, have completely restored the patient.

In the discussion which followed this paper Dr Grimmer added some items of great practical interest and importance. He said: “I have used the electrotome diagnosis only to prescribe the remedy … first of all getting the polarity of the patient and then finding the remedies in their corresponding polarities. The patient, whose blood registered positive (and almost every carcinoma case does, if it is at all developed), requires some negative remedy. While other remedies do come through with the Cadmium salts, such as Calc. fluor., Hydrastis and a few other remedies, the Cadmium salts come through much stronger and much more effectively, and almost invariably, Cadm. metal., Cadm. iod., Cadm. phos., or Cadm. sul.

“As time goes on I am learning more to differentiate. For instance, I find the Metallicum is a haemorrhagic remedy and that frequently, unassisted by other remedies, it will stop the haemorrhage in intestinal cancer or in ulcerative cancer.

“Calendula is a complementary remedy to the Cadmium salts. In one case Calendula alone cured. Calendula really corresponds to some of the deep constitutional conditions that must be closely related to cancer.

“Cadm. sul. is very rich in intestinal symptoms and in blood changes.”

Regarding the question of sarcoma and carcinoma Dr Grimmer said: “My experience with Cadmium is that it has not been a useful remedy in treating sarcoma. There may be some salts of Cadmium such as Cadmium calcarea silicata, or Cadmium calcarea fluorica which may be found useful in the condition.

“By the way, Cadmium fluor. is a remedy that helped one case very much, a late case of cancer of the prostate.”

“Syphilis and tuberculosis are the two things that precede cancer, the two things cancer is grounded on. How do I know? First of all take any case of cancer and put it in the blood box and put a magnet over that blood box which takes off all other reactions, excepting one, tuberculosis, and every one of those cases show underneath the carcinoma reaction a tubercular reaction.

“Another point is this. When your cancer cases are getting well and developing under these deep curative remedies, you bring back tubercular conditions, and tubercular symptoms for a while supervene.” These will practically all pass off under the anti-tuberculosis or anti-syphilitic remedy.

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